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Explore new music

Explore new music by seeing what your friends are listening to. Check out your friend's listening trends to see what music is up-and-coming. On Hipusic your friends send you song suggestions. We think that your friends know your musical tastes better than some computer algorithm.
Discover yourself

Discover yourself and learn about your musical tastes. Discover your favorite artists and songs and see how they have changed over time. Hipusic keeps track of what you listen to automatically so that you can see tons of stats about you and your friends' listening habits. Hipusic supports Grooveshark, Pandora, Turntable, Google Play, SiriusXM and much more.

Connect with friends

Connect with friends by discussing music that you both enjoy. Share your opinion about what music your friends have been listening to. You can join in with your friends and listen to what music they're listening to. We'll help you invite your friends to Hipusic if they aren't already a member.
It's Safe, Easy, and Free!

Hipusic never shares your listening habits or any of your info with third parties. It takes only a minute to get started and it costs absolutely nothing. Are you interested yet? Click here to register right now!